My Coaching Approach

My coaching approach is proven to help executives and leaders develop and create sustainable change for themselves and their organizations.

I help leaders get clear on who they are at their most influential.  And I help them truly understand what’s standing in their way of showing up at their best most often.

Often a leader can initiate the change process with new information or ideas as the catalyst.

But in many cases, habitual patterns are ingrained.  In these cases, leaders need additional support to further develop their capabilities.

My focus is on helping leaders tap into their own wisdom to create the plans necessary to move forward.  I also provide an on-going accountability structure, so leaders can make the incremental changes needed to make their plans a reality.

The result?  A progressive pattern of leadership development that‘s both powerful and sustainable.

I’ll design a coaching program to fit your needs.  Here are the steps in a typical coaching engagement:

  • Establish coaching relationship (including confidentiality)
  • Set coaching objectives
  • Clarify strengths and values
  • Uncover blindspots via input from stakeholders (360° Feedback Assessment)
  • Administer other assessments as required
  • Establish coaching goals
  • Create a Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  • Get PDP input from the manager of the leader being coached
  • Hold coaching sessions about every 2 weeks (suggested minimum: 6 months)
  • Increase awareness through powerful conversations
  • Create action plans every session to move forward with goals
  • Coach provides resources to enhance learning
  • Support between sessions: phone & email
  • Get feedback on results from stakeholders (as needed) [Interview-Based 360° Feedback]
  • Review successes, strategies and tools acquired in the coaching
  • Create a plan for continued development

“Rosanne is a highly skilled executive coach who offers a breadth of experience and insights that I find beneficial and applicable to all aspects of my business and my life.”
– Jim Coyle, Director, Investment Services, First Calgary Financial

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