360° Feedback Assessments

“Rosanne has been priceless as my coach. She encouraged and inspired me to set goals and take meaningful actions towards achieving them.  Thanks Rosanne for helping me to become more effective and empowered!”
– Rexhina Bajraktari, Senior Director, Analytics & Audit Technology at Royal Bank of Canada

Are you getting the feedback you need to achieve the career success you want?

There’s no better way of understanding your influence and impact as a leader than by getting candid input from the people around you. Sources of feedback can include multiple stakeholders such as: direct reports, peers, and senior leaders.

I offer an interview-based 360° feedback process and I’m certified to administer The Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessment.

My 360° feedback approach illuminates your blind spots and provides actionable feedback.  You will understand the degree to which you are showing up at your most effective as a leader.  And you’ll get clarity on how you may be interfering with your own success and the reasons behind what’s going on.

Most of my 360’s are administered as part of an executive coaching engagement. And some leaders choose to invest in a stand-alone 360 process to get clarity on how they’re seen by their stakeholders.

Do you want feedback on the success of the coaching?  I also interview stakeholders for feedback on results at the end of the coaching engagement. This ensures successes are locked in and leveraged on a go-forward basis.

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