“I came to coaching because I wanted to build my influence and listening skills.  I also wanted to be better at communicating complex concepts.  Working with Rosanne, I learned how to leverage my strengths of drive, courage and authenticity.  I also became self-aware around how my thinking and beliefs were sometimes impacting me showing up at my best.  This helped me shift how I influence and communicate, regardless of the situation. I’ve “slowed down to speed up” and bring others along for the ride.  I’ve come a long way!  Rosanne was amazing as a coach.  She really helped me to grow, and I’ve now got tools that will help me sustain my growth and continue to build on it.”
– Bryce Saunders, VP Channel Strategy & Delivery, LoyaltyOne. 

“It was invaluable to have someone to talk over issues with, particularly at a time when there were some tricky issues to navigate. I loved the Positive Intelligence program and found it very helpful to identify personal traits to work on with Rosanne.  Through the coaching, I realized the impact my delegation skills were having on the junior team, and I can now easily identify my desire to “rescue” and adjust accordingly. I’m also now able to set appropriate boundaries around my time, which improves both my work and home life. I’ve really appreciated Rosanne’s support over the past 6+ months. Lifelong skills have been learned all of which can only improve all aspects of my life.”
–  Janice Topp, Partner, HOOPP Capital Partners. 

“I started this journey because I wanted to improve and become a better version of myself – how I show-up and how I lead.  Any preconceptions that I may have had about “coaching” have long since been replaced with the fantastic actual experience.  Rosanne helped me to safely be more vulnerable with myself and by doing so, identify and dimmish barriers that I was putting in the way of my own performance, and by extension my feeling of contentment.  I have acquired a new way of looking at situations.  One that I will continue to practice and improve long after coaching has formally ended.  Thanks Rosanne! ”
–  Andrew Behrend – Director of Marketing Operations, LoyaltyOne

“I was at an impasse in my personal development. I committed myself to become a real agent of change and to be open to whatever was going to turn up, and to the tools I needed to get there. I realized that at the root of my personal growth was the need for self-compassion. Rosanne was my personal champion in this radical yet simple discovery, and she helped me identify and hold myself accountable to my vision. Coaching with Rosanne has been such a powerful experience. I feel exhilarated at the possibilities in store for me and much more confidence in my ability to lead and transform, while being even more authentic to myself.”
Stasha Poznan, Director Marketing, Large financial institution

“When I was promoted to a senior executive position, I started work with Rosanne to best prepare myself for this new challenge.  We targeted areas that would generate the greatest impact.  Rosanne’s coaching helped me to understand my core values and get away from wasted negative reflection/energy.  This has helped keep me shift to having a more positive and productive frame of mind, and has helped me concentrate on positive actions and energy.  The result is that I’ve become a better/happier person, and that’s translated into great results and success.  Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to have had coaching at many different levels and stages, and I can definitely say that my experience with Rosanne has had the greatest impact.”
Chris Kitagawa, AVP Administration, La Capitale Financial Security

“Before coaching, I believed I was very self-aware. Rosanne non-judgmentally helped me realize that the anger and frustration I felt toward others, was really driven by fear.  I changed from seeing myself as a victim of circumstance, to someone who’s in choice.  I no longer feel the physical signs of stress.  I’m now calm and collected in situations where I used to raise my voice in panic.  Senior leaders have noticed, and I’ve been told I’m ready for the next stage in my career. Rosanne’s breadth of experience, advice and academic insights truly astounded me. As unnatural as the process was for me at first, she made it feel safe. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to partner with me on this journey. ”
– A. Thomas, Director, Large financial institution 

“Rosanne helped me identify what was preventing me from reaching my full potential. She taught me strategies to get out of my own way, including tools to get out of my head and make connections with others. I have gotten the feedback that I’m speaking with more confidence and I am providing a higher level of leadership to my team. I also have a greater sense of peace with myself. I’m grateful for the strategies I’ve learned and for the opportunity to become more in tune and aware of who I am and how I can serve others.”
– Jackie S. Dean of Academic Operations,  Large U.S. for-profit academic institution 

“I have benefited from Rosanne’s coaching and, as a result, highly recommend her as someone who can help you to achieve your objectives whatever they may be. Rosanne has an innate ability to sort through the ramblings that make up our everyday lives and drill down and show you what is really important. In a very objective way Rosanne does this by listening and making you ask yourself the right questions to understand yourself. She is action oriented, understanding that to achieve big goals they must be broken down into bite size pieces. Importantly, she does all this in a supportive, non-judgmental way.”
– Yana Gagne – Chief Business Development Officer, Aurigen Reinsurance Company

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with several coaches and I can attest that Rosanne’s performance as a coach is superior. Rosanne is highly effective and has a professional but empathetic attitude that has led to successfully influencing very significant improvement in our culture, which has resulted in a much higher level of employee engagement. I give Rosanne my unconditional trust and confidence that we are getting the best possible results with her support.”
– Jim Carson, President and Dealer Principal, Blackstock Ford Lincoln Sales

“Rosanne is a highly skilled executive coach who offers a breadth of experience and insights that I find beneficial and applicable to all aspects of my business and my life. Rosanne’s business acumen is strong, I find this to be a positive differentiator in how she shows up as my coach; this combined with her coaching and academic accomplishments make a very effective combination that brings focus to challenges and supports me in identifying a path that works for me.”
– Jim Coyle, Director, Investment Services, First Calgary Financial

“Coaching with Rosanne gave me the opportunity to understand myself at a deeper level.  I found the whole process flowed well and was structured effectively.  It was very valuable to get clear on how I’m perceived by others through the interview-based 360.  I received detailed feedback that let me focus on the critical items that drive the most value.   I strongly endorse Rosanne as an Executive Coach.  As a result of our work together, I’ve made changes others are seeing, that are having a positive impact.  I also appreciate that moving forward, I have a solid foundation to build from and a strong on-going development plan with clear goals. ”
– Senior Director,  Large financial institution 

“I felt stuck in my career around what I wanted to do next. Through Rosanne’s expert coaching, it was if a light was turned on and everything became clear.  I gained a new sense of energy about the possibilities for the future. This led to me finding an exciting opportunity with an organization that I’m passionate about.  I couldn’t be happier with the results that came from working with Rosanne.  She’s supportive, inquisitive and kind, and brings a touch of humor into her coaching which helps to keep it light while impactful.  Her style, combined with an array of tools that she uses, makes her a great, results-driven coach.  I highly recommend working with Rosanne.”
– Janis Cooper – Senior Manager Leadership Development, Best Friends Animal Society

“As a leader of a large team in my organization, I appreciated the approach that Rosanne used to explore the challenges that I was facing both from a work and personal perspective. It was very different from anything that I have used in the past – extremely useful and scary at the same time. I have made significant changes in my work environment by moving to a new role in the organization. Rosanne has helped me to look at my challenges at work from a different perspective. I’m also now able to consciously live in the moment and be “present” with the people I’m with. This change has definitely made me a better leader in my organization and in my whole life.”
– D.S.S., – Manager, TransCanada Corporation

“I was facing the issue of career stagnation, feeling stuck in a corporate job that didn’t bring me fulfillment. Rosanne provides a completely open perspective for discussion, breaking down barriers to clarify the root of the issues. She helped me to define my goals, and create the clearest articulation of the problem that I had ever known. After that, we set up a step-by-step plan with measurable results. I was not only able to carry out the plan, but to sustain the momentum of a significant shift in career direction. If you are looking to bring innovation and creativity to a career, a business, or a team, Rosanne would be an excellent resource to maximize the options and assist in a realistic action plan.”
– C.N., Manager, Engineering, TransCanada

“Rosanne did a fantastic workshop for our sales team! The workshop brought about some important insights and actionable ideas for each member of the team. Rosanne also provided each of us tools that will allow us to grow and develop in the important areas we identified, as well as track our progress. Rosanne provided a calming effect in the room which made the group feel at ease to work together and participate. Weeks after the workshop, our group is continuing to use the tools Rosanne provided and to “coach” each other on a regular basis, so we continue to benefit from the workshop. I strongly recommend this workshop to other organizations!”
– Sara Clarkson, Business Development Manager, Crossmark Canada

“The workshop was very informative and comfortable, open and relaxed.  Themes and exercises were practical and resonate with me.”
– MaryLee Farrugia, Vice President of Commercial Land-Based Gaming, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation 

“Rosanne has been a great coach.  She helped me grow my leadership capabilities, develop a stronger executive presence, build my team impact, and boost my confidence.  This has contributed to an overall increase in my effectiveness as a leader.  Rosanne was approachable and she really challenged me.  I very much appreciated her commitment, disciplined approach and genuine desire to help me in my journey. In the end, my time in coaching allowed me to achieve the important goals I had set for myself.”
– Jason Boyd, CPA, CA, Corporate Controller, Greater Toronto Airports Authority. 

“I came to coaching to ensure I was ready to step into a future role as an executive.  Rosanne helped me to better appreciate my strengths, and she helped me gain self-awareness around how letting go of some control could allow me to make a better impact. I also learned how to forgive myself and move on when things didn’t go perfectly. Rosanne’s coaching approach was engaging and thoughtful.  It was really beneficial because it forced me to reflect, and I now use coaching techniques with my team. I’ve received many acknowledgements from those around me that this engagement has tremendously enabled me to be a better person and leader.” – Ali Karimi, Technology Sr. Director, API and Mobile Banking Development & Innovation, CIBC

“Coaching with Rosanne was an incredible experience and one which I am very grateful for.  With Rosanne’s support, I’ve improved my abilities to strategize, influence and lead through others.  Through our work together, these areas have become my greatest strengths.   Rosanne is an amazing coach.  She invested time, energy and passion into our coaching, and I could feel she was personally invested in my growth. Her style and technique were perfect for me…she’s kind and supportive, as well as strong and powerful. I could not have achieved everything I have without her!”

– Vice President, Large financial institution 

“Your coaching has drastically altered how I approach work, and also made a huge difference in my general happiness and satisfaction in my professional life. This past year was a really difficult year for me, in terms of my career. Coming off of my second maternity leave, I questioned my career choices and started to contemplate next steps. Your sessions gave me that clarity, courage, and confidence to take control and change the things that I could, and focus on the parts that made me feel fulfilled in my current role. Work and work dynamics are still challenging but I am in a better place to understand how to move forward and more importantly, how to show up at my best.”

– M.C., VP Specialist, Large auction house organization

“My role as an OPS Director leading 160 staff is extremely busy and demanding, and I came to coaching with the intention of learning how to delegate more effectively.  I felt an instant connection with Rosanne – her human touch resonated with me.  Her skillful approach using probing questions and having me reflect on my core beliefs and values helped me see my issues in a new light.  Through coaching, I gained effective delegation skills, but more than that, I was able to shift my personal beliefs in support of getting balance in my life. Rosanne provided a space/atmosphere that allowed me to feel open.  I value the time I spent working with Rosanne and the gift of insight she gave me.”
Kathy McKague, Director, Environmental Monitoring & Reporting Branch, Ministry of the Environment & Climate Change

“Rosanne has been priceless as my coach. With Rosanne, I found coaching a life-enhancing experience that enabled me to better understand my strengths and to take major steps toward realization of my professional goals. Rosanne helped me become aware of how I was getting in my way. She encouraged and inspired me to set goals and take meaningful actions towards achieving them. Her sense of humor made the experience so much better. Thanks again Rosanne for helping me to become more effective and empowered!”
– Rexhina Bajraktari, Senior Director, Analytics & Audit Technology at Royal Bank of Canada

“Working with Rosanne, I’ve gained greater self-awareness, overcome key barriers and am definitely mentally stronger, professionally and personally. I’ve come to understand what’s really important for me, and I’ve gained more confidence in my abilities. Rosanne provided a clear runway for open and honest dialogue. This allowed me to tap into how I could become a more effective leader, and I’m committed to continuing to keep my new behaviors in place. Rosanne offers different perspectives, positive reinforcement and encouragement. YOU WERE FABULOUS, THANK YOU!”
– Terry Yuan, Director, U.S. Sales at Energizer Personal Care

“I highly recommend Rosanne as a leadership coach. She helped me leverage my strengths in way that has built my confidence and has led to the organization acknowledging that I have what it takes to perform effectively at the next level. I’ve had the opportunity to attend a number of leadership programs in my career and I have to say that I received more from this coaching engagement with Rosanne than I did with all the other leadership programs combined. Huge return on investment. THANK YOU!”
– Senior Director, Large financial institution

“Rosanne provided me great reinforcement of my coaching skills and helped me foster a sense of collaboration within my team, in my new highly visible leadership role.  Her support in having me focus on my unique strengths and respecting my inner “saboteurs” was illuminating and empowering. Rosanne’s coaching style is so real, as she expertly navigates clients through the functional as well as emotional aspects of becoming a better leader and coach. I’ve learned so much from coaching with Rosanne and it’s helped me in many ways!”
–  Naomi Gutierrez, Regional Vice President of Sales, McKesson Specialty Health

“Our work together was life changing for me. I was working at a very high performing level but found it difficult to manage certain situations. Over time, this eroded my self-esteem and affected my attitude toward my job. Rosanne helped me identify triggers, and through coaching and sharing tools, she helped me get to a more balanced place.  For the first time, I feel I have control over how I show up in my life. I am no longer held back both personally and professionally. Rosanne’s empathy, calm demeanor, humour and strength are a powerful combination in a coach! ”
– Senior Marketing Professional , Large consumer goods company

“I highly recommend Rosanne to any leader who is looking to develop themselves, or their team. Rosanne has helped me become a better leader by helping me to better understand my personal strengths and weaknesses and how to improve my overall effectiveness. Our management team is more cohesive and more effective in initiating and managing change with our staff and our customers.”
– Wayne Bricknell – President, Wayne Pitman Ford Lincoln

“Working with Rosanne has had a huge impact on me and my team. Through Rosanne’s coaching, I’ve become a better leader and I have more courage to make the tough decisions that really make a difference in my performance and the team’s success. Rosanne has a great ability to identify and delve into the heart of the matter and she’s very insightful. I would definitely recommend her as a powerful executive coach.”
– Cathy Miner, Managing Partner at Willow Tree Capital Group

“Rosanne was an incredible coach and inspiration – my experience with her was truly life- changing. She gave me the tools support I needed to improve my relationships and become a better leader. She had an unbelievable way of making me realize areas of improvement without making me feel bad about myself. She truly has been instrumental in helping me change myself and areas of my work and my life for the better. I will forever be grateful! I would recommend Rosanne as a coach in a heartbeat.”
– Claudia Greenlee – Manager, Large U.S. for-profit academic institution 

“Having Rosanne work with myself and our team has been an invaluable experience. She was able to challenge us in her calm, assertive way, to look in the mirror at a lot of opportunities we didn’t know how to address As a result of Rosanne’s coaching, our leadership team is making better decisions and as a result, we’ve seen measurable improvements relating to both our customer and employee satisfaction scores. And personally, there’s no question that I’m a better leader as a result of my work with Rosanne.”
– Ryan Carson, General Manager, Peninsula Ford

“Brock Ford has had the privilege of working with Rosanne for the past three years. My management team has seen a very positive change within the organization as a result of her work. We’re better at dealing with conflict, managing employee issues, and knowing what kinds of recognition work best in different situations. Rosanne has been able to assist me personally in growing as a leader as well. She accomplishes this in way that’s very engaging for me and the whole dealership. I would highly recommend Rosanne to any organization who wants to improve employee morale and improve their levels of customer satisfaction.”
– John Dill, General Manager – Brock Ford

“Rosanne has been an invaluable resource as my coach. Through numerous one-on-one coaching sessions related to my career and leadership responsibilities, Rosanne has helped me to become more effective and empowered. Through her talented inquiry and guidance, I am better able understand my strengths and then act on them. Working with Rosanne has enabled me to see the road blocks I was creating for myself that were holding me back from meeting my full potential.”
– E. Sharp, Director of Human Resources, The Matcom Group

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