Organizational Benefits of Coaching

More and more, organizations are choosing coaching as a key way to invest in leadership development – because it’s efficient and effective, and it works.

An outstanding 86% of organizations experience a positive return on investment from coaching, according to a study by the International Coaching Federation.

Organizational benefits of providing coaching to executives and leaders include:

  • Accelerate a leader’s success and improve the results of their team
  • Attract and retain leadership talent by investing in their development
  • Increase engagement of the team of the leader being coached. The result: increased performance and retention of valued team members.
  • Align individual performance with team and organizational objectives
  • Develop powerful teams for consistent and positive business results

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“Working with Rosanne, I’ve gained greater self-awareness, overcome key barriers and am definitely mentally stronger, professionally and personally. You were fabulous!”
– Terry Yuan, Director, U.S. Sales at Energizer Personal Care

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